Bill Holland
Founder and President

Bill Holland has seriously ridden bikes for nearly four decades, building his first frame in 1976 because every frame he rode was over-engineered for his height and weight, making the ride stiff and harsh.

After Bill took his first frame building class from the legendary Albert Eisentraut, Holland Cycles produced steel frames for 20 years. Bill made his first titanium frame in 1992 and phased out steel frames four years later due to the incompatibility of the workspaces of the two materials – steel frame building can be a pretty messy business, whereas titanium requires an ultra clean environment.

Bill began designing and producing ExoGrid® frames in 2004 to offer the lightness of carbon with the added advantages of customization and durability.

By January 2014, Bill Holland announced his next product innovation with the introduction of a Holland HC Full Carbon, all custom, completely handcrafted bicycle frame made entirely in San Diego.

Cody Stevenson
Master Fitter and Customer Services Manager

Cody Stevenson has ridden over 300,000 miles on a bike, 200,000 miles of which were logged during 12 years of full time racing, which included 9 years with professional teams based in France, Belgium, Australia and the USA. With 25 years of racing experience, Cody brings a wealth of knowledge about what works…..and what doesn’t…between people and bicycles.

As a bike fit technician, trained through Cyclologic, and his keen eye for cycling anatomy and physiology helps Holland Cycles customers optimize their riding experiences, whether they’re racing, tackling endurance events or just riding. Cody’s professional career and his successes, including a stage win in the Tour of Hungary, give him a good understanding of most facets of the cycling world, including the fine balance between rider and machine – he is as interesting to talk to as he is to ride with, and he’ll happily do either if you ask him.