Custom Fit

JDZ6717-Cody-Fitting-Bike-300x199Included in the price of every Holland Bicycle is a fitting session that can last two or more hours. A proper fit allows maximum power output with a minimum of discomfort. Competently analyzing a cyclist’s position requires an in-depth knowledge not only of biomechanics but also of what it feels like to ride, to race, to sprint, to climb and to endure.

Chief Fitter Cody Stevenson spent 20 years in the pro peloton. Racing is a tough business. Chronic injuries are a way of life. Cody’s vast experience diagnosing his own and his teammates’ injuries gives him a rare skill that will let you get a Holland that fits like it is a part of you.

Your fit session will begin with our taking specific anatomical measurements (leg, torso, foot and arm lengths). Short legs with a long torso or long legs and a short torso? This is where we find that out. Armed with this data, we set up the Holland Size Cycle, analyze your position while you pedal under load, and fine-tune that position for optimum fit.

Next, you will talk with us about how you ride, where you ride, how long you ride, and when you ride. Together we will methodically review an array of choices about materials technologies – Full Carobn v. ExoGrid® v. Titanium; project scope – full bike v. frame only; components – standard v. electronic shifting, handle- bar drop and reach, gearing preference (to name but a few);Wheels– pre-built v. custom; and much more.

What you want to do with your bike drives the balance of the frame decisions. If you ride double centuries, you may want a frame that stays comfortable over all of those miles. If you race criteriums, sprinting stiffness and cornering response may edge comfort and stability as your priorities. If you train in the mountains, you may find an 11-32 cassette to your liking. Do you travel a lot with your bike? Perhaps the durability of titanium rather than carbon seat stays is worth sacrificing the smoother ride.

One advantage of a custom Holland is that we can finely tune your frame geometry to match your specific physicality and your individual riding needs – your riding position, flexibility, biomechanical efficiency and power.

If you are not going to race crits, we can lower your bottom bracket relative to any stock or pseudo-custom frame. Lowering the bike’s center of gravity below the wheel axle centerline enhances stability when cornering, descending, and in high-wind conditions.
Your height to weight ratio, how you will ride your bike and your materials technology choice will drive our selection of your tubeset to deliver optimal stiffness, compliance and responsiveness. Bill Holland’s decades of experience inform the diameters and wall thicknesses required at each point of your frame’s structure. In the case of ExoGrid®, this includes decisions about both the titanium exoskeleton and the carbon substructure. Holland Cycles can completely customize individual elements of your frame by selecting from the wide range of tubing diameters and wall thicknesses available.

Holland Cycles will use all your information and choices to design your frame, producing both a CAD drawing and a cost estimate for your approval. If visiting us (our San Diego Showroom is about 10 minutes from downtown) is not possible, give us a call at 619.469.1772 and we will discuss alternatives.