The Holland Jet travel option is available on all Titanium frames, in both rim or disc brake, road or gravel.


Holland Titanium Jet Gravel Bicycle


The Holland Jet maintains all the torsional
stiffness of our standard Ti frames, while
adding a mere 90g to the frame weight.

The Jet will be your everyday bike that can
journey anywhere in the world with you as a
standard airline checked bag.

Take your dream bike on your dream vacation.


Ritchey’s Breakaway design has been
proven over more than a decade,
and allows for an aesthetically appealing
and lightweight travel frame. Naturally it
caught our attention.

In cooperation with Ritchey and
Paragon Machine Works, Holland
Cycles developed the Jet, a
modified breakaway design for
use in oversized titanium tube sets.



The concept behind the Holland Jet
is the same as the one behind the
Ritchey Break-Away: the segmented
down tube connects just ahead of the
bottom bracket with a pair of flanges
and a clamp, while the seat cluster is cut
at an angle and held together with the seat post
and dual binder bolts.



Internal to External

Internal to External Disc
Brake Line For
Jet Frames Only