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Holland ExoGrid® Bicycle

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Our ExoGrid® bikes offer exceptional ride quality in a stunning
high-durability package by combining the best features of high-modulus
prepreg carbon with U.S. milled aerospace grade titanium.

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Our ExoGrid® bikes offer exceptional ride quality in a stunning high-durability package by combining the best features of high-modulus prepreg carbon with U.S. milled aerospace grade titanium. ExoGrid® technology combines the best attributes of advanced composites with those of traditional metals.

A Holland ExoGrid® frame starts with a titanium tube that has a major portion of the surface area removed through advanced laser machining. The distinct pattern of multiple small laser-cut diamonds is unique to Holland ExoGrid® tubing. We believe the better torsional stiffness, improved durability and structural reliability of our ExoGrid® frames justify the significantly higher laser-cutting and labor costs incurred in the tube manufacture.

codysbikeA high modulus carbon tube with a proprietary mix of longitudinal and bias fibers designed specifically to deliver the desired Holland ExoGrid® ride characteristics is laid up inside the titanium shell. This adds torsional (twisting) stiffness without increasing the bending stiffness to produce a highly responsive but superbly comfortable ride. Multiple layers of die-cut carbon are hand placed within each titanium diamond, increasing the titanium tube’s ability to withstand buckling stresses and protecting the underlying carbon from environmental wear. These carbon diamonds are layered to end up the precise thickness of the titanium tube after curing.

The raw Ti/C structure is heat and pressure molded together using the patented Bi/Fusion™ process that fuses the titanium and carbon into a single tube and produces flush transitions between the two materials. The perfectly smooth inner bore of the titanium/carbon tube produced by this process prevents the fibers of the inner carbon tube from bowing out. This keeps the fibers of this carbon tube straight – important because carbon is anisotropic, only being strong in tension. The excess titanium on the tube ends allows it to be trimmed to any length for a totally customizable fit.

The resulting ExoGrid® tube is lighter and has improved bending/torsion performance than its pure titanium counterpart. A Holland ExoGrid® frame is as durable as titanium, as opposed to a molded carbon frame, which may or may not survive a crash. And while a molded carbon frame may make a good, short-term economical choice, the limited mold sizes also restrict the available frame sizes and geometries. Holland Cycles specializes in building bikes that fit its customers, regardless of what that size is. An ExoGrid® frame offers a custom fit but with superior carbon feel.

The Ti/C ExoGrid® structure has unique vibration damping qualities due to the dissimilar natural frequencies of the carbon and titanium. When these elements are molded together, some of these frequencies cancel each other out, a phenomenon called constrained layer damping. When ExoGrid® is used in substantial bike frame elements such as the top tube, seat tube and down tube, the built frame delivers improved road feel and exceptional ride quality that are unobtainable from a titanium or carbon fiber frame on their own.

An ExoGrid® frame generally weighs slightly more than a molded carbon frame and slightly less than a pure titanium frame. It also delivers considerably more durability (and safety), which is quite useful unless you are a sponsored pro unconcerned with the economics of replacing a damaged frame. And no one rides just a frame – the component choices available for an ExoGrid® can make the built bike weight comparable to a molded carbon production bike.

The ExoGrid® frame construction is also available with the Jet Travel Coupling.

Other Features:

Jet Vent

brakeAppropriately named, our rear brake cable doesn’t just route internally, it brings its own housing, laying inside a ¼” interior titanium brake tube to eliminate any junctions that could allow rust and creating a system with no cable housing interruption. Replacing the brake cable is as easy as sliding it into the brake tube – it simply pops out the other end.

Welded Seat Binder

seatbinderWe painstakingly weld the seat binder directly onto the frame on most Hollands to create an elegant integrated assembly that looks pretty cool.

Seat Post Protection

seattubeDue to the natural elasticity of titanium, reaming out the inner portion of a tube does not always produce a round smooth surface. Holland Cycles’ single-point boring, while time-intensive, insures the inner surfaces of your seat collar junction are smooth and perfectly round, protecting your carbon seat post from point loading that can cause it to crack.

Stiff Head Tube

headHolland Cycles internally bores the head tube, rather than using the conventional process of turning the outside of the tube. This difficult step produces ~10% more stiffness for the same wall thickness and weight of titanium.

Efficient Rear Dropout

Bike-026-Dropout-bevel-editedOur semi-vertical rear dropout lets the wheel roll away from the derailleur. But we also bevel the dropout openings to act like shoehorns, opening the wheel skewer to help guide the axle back up into place and making wheel changes lightning fast, simple and pain-free.

Water Bottle Cages

drillOn Holland ExoGrid® frames, each water bottle boss needs to be precisely positioned in a diamond section of the frame. We use a vertical mill with a digital readout to pinpoint the exact location for a special drill bit to sand the carbon. Water bottle cages on Holland bikes, secured by highly corrosion-resistant nickel/copper Monel bosses, stay put.

Lean Seat Tube

JDZ6091-Seat-collar-editedWe create a 2” seat collar, a thicker section of tubing that is press fit and welded into the top of the seat tube. This critical area is the junction of a number of welds and is subjected to significant and varying stresses during the manufacturing process as well as while riding. The seat collar optimizes strength and weight by providing reinforcement where it is needed without increasing the thickness of the overall seat tube.

Badge of Honor

1374074_618953148150879_1836626723_nThe head tube badge on your Holland ExoGrid® epitomizes the craftsmanship of Holland Cycles. Each badge is made by hand from the same titanium and carbon materials used on an ExoGrid® and then bonded onto your frame.